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Old poems, new place, good times

Three Shanghai poems from Expat Taxes, originally published in various editions of Larry Fagin‘s Sal Mimeo, are up at Alluvium, the house publication of Literary Shanghai. Plus one they like because it has the word “alluvial” in it, previously published in the Brooklyn Rail, as a li’l promo salvo in advance of the reading event […]

Soft focus, soft censorship, self-censorship: “Poetry,” “China,” and Biz Journo Expats

As much of a pleasure as it was to appear at the Shanghai International Literary Festival with Jen Bervin, Jen Hyde and Wen Jin, it was one mixed — as is always the case for me here in Shanghai — with significant measures of the odd and the off. Don’t get me wrong: One of […]

Ragged Claws at HKU Museum and Galleries

    AN EVENING WITH DAVID PERRY Prufrock the Destroyer, an Anthropocene Mutant arisen from the floors of silent seas…. From the HKUMAG site (with thanks going out to the excellent James Shea, Collier Nogues, and Chris Mattison): About his talk, David says, “I’ve lived in Shanghai for over a decade now, and I’m fascinated […]

Shanghai International Literary Festival appearances

    I’ll be reading and speaking at two SILF events. First, Saturday 11 March at 2pm, with Austin Woerner and Nina Powles, I’ll be reading a few poems and previewing the Thursday 16 6pm reading and panel discussion with Jen Bervin, Wen Jin and Jen Hyde. Thursday’s event has been long in the making, […]

Target One

no thing clever to say isn’t nothing enough to have said and been done with

Toward a Poetics of the Anthropocene

Abstract from NYU Shanghai Faculty Lecture, based on talk given at Fudan University, on poetry, poetics and the Anthropocene. I remain unconvinced in my own work, by my own work, and of it, and that’s perhaps the point, the point that can only be to keep working: In The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the […]

Poetry at James Cohan: Matias Viegener and Renée Reynolds this Saturday 3-5

The Five Antis, the Four Uncleans, the Dirty Three

Shortly after arriving in Shanghai, I blogged for about a year via Typepad at Sound Friend, named after the cheap Chinese speakers Monika and I bought at Electronic City on Fuxing Lu to power our downtime and occasional parties. (Typepad because Blogger was blocked, and then Typepad was blocked, and then I gave up on […]