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the bloody flux

Not Your President

“Not my president.” The phrase need not be thought defiant or felt as performance of defiance. It’s merely observational. Descriptive. Instead of subordinating himself to the position – or even pretending to – Trump subordinates it to himself. He overwrites the role with himself and in this sense he is not anyone’s president. This is the authoritarian style. He […]

Target One

no thing clever to say isn’t nothing enough to have said and been done with

“When to hit, split or stay”: Blackjack players rally ’round Ai Weiwei

On, yes, Of course. There’s also a NY Times article, so it seems to be real—as real as Mr. Snake Eyes. No April 1 dateline. Truth, fiction, stranger. Interesting times about a billion. A billion Onions, blazing in the midday sky. Something like this. Anyway, an excerpt: Throughout the 1980s Ai WeiWei lived in an […]

Is China Scared…?” Alex Pasternak on the disappearing of Ai Wei Wei

He puts it pretty well, the feeling that I’ve been trying for some time to describe: “After living in China for awhile—I was there from 2006 to 2009—you get used to so many shocks that they’re no longer surprising. The combination of breakneck development, deeply rooted cultural ties and the giant panopticon of an unpredictable […]

Test patterns

At the end of the AM dial, at 3 am on PBS in 1989. Pyramid News Scheme is a back-broadcast run through multiple near-parallel (quasi-asymptotic) possibility circuits and difference engines. You get out here, in Shanghai, in 2011, say, and get in there, in St. Louis in, say, 1969. Or Berlin in 1990, or New […]