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Target One

no thing clever to say isn’t nothing enough to have said and been done with

International Calling Card

    I’m often struck, when using a Chinese IP card, by this graphic. Sure, it’s collage, not collision. It’s trying to say “live the reality of global connectedness,” not “don’t forget that you live in the shadow of globalized terror.” And yet, that plane is clearly about to take out a chunk of Brooklyn. […]

A Good Poem (A Found Poem) | 好诗 (找到的诗)

  click pic for big | 这是诗     As poetry Nair dry cleaning franchise chain’s most loyal fans, dry cleaners in the decision to open at the same time I wanted to joina good poemNair.   作为诗奈尔连锁干洗加盟 最忠诚的 粉丝,在决定开 干洗店的同时我就想好了 要加盟诗奈尔。  

Googling ourselves

In an age of distributed networks imagining Google in Copernican light, the structural center, pattern holder, source powering the network, digital post-humanist heart of the world, soft-branding and patenting creation, knowledge, access, searching. 

#1 reason to return to Malaysia


Bodega Pop!

“Poet, cartoonist and loudmouth” (not to mention Flarf SEAL assassin) Gary Sullivan‘s doing a great thing over at Bodega Pop, sharing music and videos he’s picked up at bodegas around NYC in recent years: When I moved to New York City in 1997 I began to notice that bodegas run by people from different countries sometimes […]