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Aesymnetes LAWKI / Holocene, Sweet Holocene

A utilitarian AI charged with global sovereignty by a cabal of well-intentioned scientists and their monied supporters. Its goal: in the face of cascading catastrophic climate change, nothing less than the preservation to the greatest degree possible of Life As We Know It — life on this planet as it has emerged in the last […]

Metastate of Exception

The anthropocene means a “permanent” — intensifying, long-duration — state of exception. Reichstäglich fires: Western democracy burns and burns. It’s capital! The tire fire, the coal bed fire. Natural causes. A metastate of exception? What is a “metastate?” Wikipedia says: “In statistical mechanics, the metastate is a probability measure on the space of all thermodynamic states […]

Soft focus, soft censorship, self-censorship: “Poetry,” “China,” and Biz Journo Expats

As much of a pleasure as it was to appear at the Shanghai International Literary Festival with Jen Bervin, Jen Hyde and Wen Jin, it was one mixed — as is always the case for me here in Shanghai — with significant measures of the odd and the off. Don’t get me wrong: One of […]

Toward a Poetics of the Anthropocene

Abstract from NYU Shanghai Faculty Lecture, based on talk given at Fudan University, on poetry, poetics and the Anthropocene. I remain unconvinced in my own work, by my own work, and of it, and that’s perhaps the point, the point that can only be to keep working: In The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the […]