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Soft focus, soft censorship, self-censorship: “Poetry,” “China,” and Biz Journo Expats

As much of a pleasure as it was to appear at the Shanghai International Literary Festival with Jen Bervin, Jen Hyde and Wen Jin, it was one mixed — as is always the case for me here in Shanghai — with significant measures of the odd and the off. Don’t get me wrong: One of […]

Protest concept for a missing artist / activist / blackjack player (and a number of dead children)

  The Situation A disappears. He is accused of crimes but not formally charged. He is well known and generally well regarded among many artists and critics and art collectors and journalists and architects and politicians and lawyers and government officials and political activists and blackjack players. He is well known and poorly regarded among […]

Watching the watchers watch you watching…

It’s not often that I’m able to write something for my current corporate day job that I really like. But along with the travel guide copy and any and all other conceivable copy writing and editing needs an enormous Chinese travel company with a rapidly growing English-language website might require, my colleagues and I are […]

Shanghai report No. 2 for Lungfull! Magazine

Missed the fireworks in Shanghai as the Year of the Rabbit hit. Instead, Malacca, staying first in a hostel just down the street from a 18th century Kampung Kling mosque and a riot of Chinese temples full of incense and oranges. Malaysian tourists everywhere for the New Year holiday. Checked the situation in Egypt daily […]