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Chapbooks in the Cloud, Part 2: Knowledge Follows (Insurance Editions, 2003)

Published in 2003 by Kostas Anagnopolous‘ Insurance Editions, Knowledge Follows was one of three chapbooks featured in the first set of Insurance Editions; the other two were Carol Samotovicz’s Reticular Popups and Kostas’ own Daydream. Marc Kuykendal letterpressed the covers for the first batch of Insurance Editions, and Diane Shaw of goodesign designed the cover and interior and set […]

Chapbooks in the Cloud, Part 1: New Years (Braincase Books, 2004)

New Years, Braincase Press 2004. Cover silkscreen by Eric Labenz. Download: New Years (PDF 8.4 MB) Chapbooks are great. A few are printed (100 in the case of New Years), they’re sold off, and given away and… they’re gone. Perhaps they come back into print later as part of a larger collection, but, generally, they disappear […]