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Off the center of the edge of the world

  Chinese workers dismantle the 2010 World Expo UK Pavilion aka the “Seed Cathedral,” a high-tech apparition moaning “ecological sustainablity” which now haunts the ex-Expo grounds…   Fascinating (as almost always) chatter (no, not “chatter,” heavy matter but yet… chatter) from the neoreactionaries as they anticipate with mixed thoughts and feelings their moment in the “klieg lights.” Techcrunch’s Geeks […]


In our movie we play these people who are in this movie about how they don’t know they’re actually in this other movie  

Conspiracy Query No. 1

Conspire… to breathe with? What’s the etymology? “It’s in the air,” phrase functions both as idiom and figure for info spread, of meaning, of memes (mememememe a chain of me-peeps linked, subverted we people w/ myth flipped, domination in the mix, an oscillating morpheme dependent on a Saussurean whir of m w m w m […]