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Salon 383: Sound & Sense— Composer/sound artist Yin Yi; Gu Ling on Chinese poetry and translation; poetry by Hai An

Monika and I are pleased to announce that the second event in our Salon 383 series will be held this Sunday, February 12 from 3-5pm. Salon 383 seeks to create a space for artists, writers, designers, musicians and critics to present their work in a warm, informal atmosphere followed by discussion among the artists and audience members. […]

Translation: Two poems by Hai An

The Shanghai poet Hai An recently asked me to work with him on translations of two of his poems in advance of the 25th anniversary meeting of the Shanghai Translators Association. So I did.   A HIGH-SPEED TRAIN With her last glance she sees The scene collapsing out the window. A dragonfly gone A little […]

Shanghai report No. 1 for Lungfull! Magazine

Shanghai’s spitting out poetry at a tremendous rate. In English. China recently became the world’s largest English-speaking country and is slated to be the world’s largest English-speaking country by 2025 (Google it) and the poetic forecast looks… well… kinda like deironized Flarf. Of course, stodgy traditionalists complain that Chinglish can’t match authentic American Flarf in […]