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Um Loop

a belated quasi-epithalamium for Josh & Lynn on the occasion of Sawako dropping into Shanghai and visiting me and Monika. I was in the crowdknocking about when suddenly you camefrom both sides you two singular a moment!

Conspiracy Query No. 1

Conspire… to breathe with? What’s the etymology? “It’s in the air,” phrase functions both as idiom and figure for info spread, of meaning, of memes (mememememe a chain of me-peeps linked, subverted we people w/ myth flipped, domination in the mix, an oscillating morpheme dependent on a Saussurean whir of m w m w m […]

Watching the watchers watch you watching…

It’s not often that I’m able to write something for my current corporate day job that I really like. But along with the travel guide copy and any and all other conceivable copy writing and editing needs an enormous Chinese travel company with a rapidly growing English-language website might require, my colleagues and I are […]

Shanghai report No. 2 for Lungfull! Magazine

Missed the fireworks in Shanghai as the Year of the Rabbit hit. Instead, Malacca, staying first in a hostel just down the street from a 18th century Kampung Kling mosque and a riot of Chinese temples full of incense and oranges. Malaysian tourists everywhere for the New Year holiday. Checked the situation in Egypt daily […]