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Not Your President

“Not my president.” The phrase need not be thought defiant or felt as performance of defiance. It’s merely observational. Descriptive. Instead of subordinating himself to the position – or even pretending to – Trump subordinates it to himself. He overwrites the role with himself and in this sense he is not anyone’s president. This is the authoritarian style. He […]

Virtual Panoptical Network

A US American friend says of the VPN service she’s using on her visit to Shanghai that it seems legit, that they seem legit, as, you know, a little company, not — if I get her implied meaning right — something necessarily obliquely sponsored, facilitated, or even outright run by a covert arm of US-Western power. The company’s […]

Off the center of the edge of the world

  Chinese workers dismantle the 2010 World Expo UK Pavilion aka the “Seed Cathedral,” a high-tech apparition moaning “ecological sustainablity” which now haunts the ex-Expo grounds…   Fascinating (as almost always) chatter (no, not “chatter,” heavy matter but yet… chatter) from the neoreactionaries as they anticipate with mixed thoughts and feelings their moment in the “klieg lights.” Techcrunch’s Geeks […]

The Paranoid Style in American Poetry

  Presenting a complete list of paranoid contemporary American poets    

International Calling Card

    I’m often struck, when using a Chinese IP card, by this graphic. Sure, it’s collage, not collision. It’s trying to say “live the reality of global connectedness,” not “don’t forget that you live in the shadow of globalized terror.” And yet, that plane is clearly about to take out a chunk of Brooklyn. […]


    The charge of silence — No poem works in my mind for more than a moment and that’s both the (remaining) attraction and the (growing) distraction. I mean more like more as in moar but also more like NO MORE, like more no moar, even though “no more” doesn’t get you a fraction of […]

Search Me

  I don’t know spoken with right emphasis right tone? Notes no codes just us in conspiracy to welcome no state in which we may or may not know need nor care of deep desire but in little dashes assume days gone fiction/non- […] Full poem published on Across the Margin ____ Working Titles: Improvised poems following […]

If This Were a Test

    The system would be wailing re: emergency the ambient drone overhead & throughout the world Hellfires everywhere?   And we, we would be meditating on the infinitesimal Real re: Emergency delivering ourselves & others a System   Tree to hang!