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1.No punctuation just repetition to let you know something else is to know not just repetition but relation in time the repetition creates with its drag and bad line breaks bad jokes and it is the best   because everything is poetry even when it is not very good very good very good if you […]

Watching the watchers watch you watching…

It’s not often that I’m able to write something for my current corporate day job that I really like. But along with the travel guide copy and any and all other conceivable copy writing and editing needs an enormous Chinese travel company with a rapidly growing English-language website might require, my colleagues and I are […]

Is China Scared…?” Alex Pasternak on the disappearing of Ai Wei Wei

He puts it pretty well, the feeling that I’ve been trying for some time to describe: “After living in China for awhile—I was there from 2006 to 2009—you get used to so many shocks that they’re no longer surprising. The combination of breakneck development, deeply rooted cultural ties and the giant panopticon of an unpredictable […]

Shanghai report No. 2 for Lungfull! Magazine

Missed the fireworks in Shanghai as the Year of the Rabbit hit. Instead, Malacca, staying first in a hostel just down the street from a 18th century Kampung Kling mosque and a riot of Chinese temples full of incense and oranges. Malaysian tourists everywhere for the New Year holiday. Checked the situation in Egypt daily […]