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A note

*We are all students of protest who have, just or un-, learned such different things.  

The Five Antis, the Four Uncleans, the Dirty Three

Shortly after arriving in Shanghai, I blogged for about a year via Typepad at Sound Friend, named after the cheap Chinese speakers Monika and I bought at Electronic City on Fuxing Lu to power our downtime and occasional parties. (Typepad because Blogger was blocked, and then Typepad was blocked, and then I gave up on […]

Protest concept for a missing artist / activist / blackjack player (and a number of dead children)

  The Situation A disappears. He is accused of crimes but not formally charged. He is well known and generally well regarded among many artists and critics and art collectors and journalists and architects and politicians and lawyers and government officials and political activists and blackjack players. He is well known and poorly regarded among […]