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Um Loop

a belated quasi-epithalamium for Josh & Lynn on the occasion of Sawako dropping into Shanghai and visiting me and Monika. I was in the crowdknocking about when suddenly you camefrom both sides you two singular a moment!

Shanghai report No. 1 for Lungfull! Magazine

Shanghai’s spitting out poetry at a tremendous rate. In English. China recently became the world’s largest English-speaking country and is slated to be the world’s largest English-speaking country by 2025 (Google it) and the poetic forecast looks… well… kinda like deironized Flarf. Of course, stodgy traditionalists complain that Chinglish can’t match authentic American Flarf in […]

PPN review of Sawako Nakayasu’s Hurry Home Honey

Hurry Home Honey (Burning Deck, 2009) Love poems? Of course you do. That’s why you’re IT, the human hockey puck from “Ice event: for 14 performers and one audience member.” Or maybe you don’t and you’re not. Maybe you’re the “angry man” who takes leave of his constipated woman, just as she is having a longish bout with […]