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Old poems, new place, good times

Three Shanghai poems from Expat Taxes, originally published in various editions of Larry Fagin‘s Sal Mimeo, are up at Alluvium, the house publication of Literary Shanghai. Plus one they like because it has the word “alluvial” in it, previously published in the Brooklyn Rail, as a li’l promo salvo in advance of the reading event […]

Shanghai International Literary Festival appearances

    I’ll be reading and speaking at two SILF events. First, Saturday 11 March at 2pm, with Austin Woerner and Nina Powles, I’ll be reading a few poems and previewing the Thursday 16 6pm reading and panel discussion with Jen Bervin, Wen Jin and Jen Hyde. Thursday’s event has been long in the making, […]

Toward a Poetics of the Anthropocene

Abstract from NYU Shanghai Faculty Lecture, based on talk given at Fudan University, on poetry, poetics and the Anthropocene. I remain unconvinced in my own work, by my own work, and of it, and that’s perhaps the point, the point that can only be to keep working: In The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the […]

“The Verses” and “What’s an Expat”

Richard Roundy continues to publish some of my long-time — and newly — favorite poets as poetry editor of the young webzine Across the Margin, and I’m grateful to join poets from Kit Robinson and Alan Bernheimer to Allison Cobb to Aaron Simon to Lewis Warsh and Paul Maziar, just to name a very few, with the […]

Expat Taxes

Expat Taxes is officially out and available on Amazon and via Seaweed Salad Editions. The book collects poems written over the past decade of living in Shanghai and is anchored by the long poem “Hello 2015” (a chunk of which The Brooklyn Rail published last April). The original plan was to publish “Hello” as a chapbook, […]

Off the center of the edge of the world

  Chinese workers dismantle the 2010 World Expo UK Pavilion aka the “Seed Cathedral,” a high-tech apparition moaning “ecological sustainablity” which now haunts the ex-Expo grounds…   Fascinating (as almost always) chatter (no, not “chatter,” heavy matter but yet… chatter) from the neoreactionaries as they anticipate with mixed thoughts and feelings their moment in the “klieg lights.” Techcrunch’s Geeks […]

International Calling Card

    I’m often struck, when using a Chinese IP card, by this graphic. Sure, it’s collage, not collision. It’s trying to say “live the reality of global connectedness,” not “don’t forget that you live in the shadow of globalized terror.” And yet, that plane is clearly about to take out a chunk of Brooklyn. […]


    The charge of silence — No poem works in my mind for more than a moment and that’s both the (remaining) attraction and the (growing) distraction. I mean more like more as in moar but also more like NO MORE, like more no moar, even though “no more” doesn’t get you a fraction of […]