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POLLEN METH WEAPONS: Glitch translations, mistranslations, this translation’s ______

  I love scanning errors—errors produced by scanners—in general, and right now in particular I love the ones I’m hitting in the Penguin Kindle edition of Antigone (tr. Robert Fagles), which I’ve been reading because we’ll be kicking off the semester with a big discussion of Sophocles’ 2,454-year-old tragedy next week as part of freshman […]

A Good Poem (A Found Poem) | 好诗 (找到的诗)

  click pic for big | 这是诗     As poetry Nair dry cleaning franchise chain’s most loyal fans, dry cleaners in the decision to open at the same time I wanted to joina good poemNair.   作为诗奈尔连锁干洗加盟 最忠诚的 粉丝,在决定开 干洗店的同时我就想好了 要加盟诗奈尔。  

Zhai Yongming with Andrea Lingenfelter reading at James Cohan tomorrow!

Salon 383: Sound & Sense— Composer/sound artist Yin Yi; Gu Ling on Chinese poetry and translation; poetry by Hai An

Monika and I are pleased to announce that the second event in our Salon 383 series will be held this Sunday, February 12 from 3-5pm. Salon 383 seeks to create a space for artists, writers, designers, musicians and critics to present their work in a warm, informal atmosphere followed by discussion among the artists and audience members. […]