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Not Your President

“Not my president.” The phrase need not be thought defiant or felt as performance of defiance. It’s merely observational. Descriptive. Instead of subordinating himself to the position – or even pretending to – Trump subordinates it to himself. He overwrites the role with himself and in this sense he is not anyone’s president. This is the authoritarian style. He […]


In our movie we play these people who are in this movie about how they don’t know they’re actually in this other movie  

Conspiracy Query No. 1

Conspire… to breathe with? What’s the etymology? “It’s in the air,” phrase functions both as idiom and figure for info spread, of meaning, of memes (mememememe a chain of me-peeps linked, subverted we people w/ myth flipped, domination in the mix, an oscillating morpheme dependent on a Saussurean whir of m w m w m […]