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Experimental Lament

I meant it, permanent ex, I meant it.I, late, repeat per term lament I trip, expat (mere I), ex (rent me!) I limp relate, relent; I preen, temp ex, I merit next ex, next exit, next mentalpair experiment. In a tent, ape reflex mate per mate, male peer I relatetime per time in permanent map, […]

Longing for Lists

Twitter poem No. 2* Not every great movie fell the direction Lucky the Tree did deer in the yardsweet tabby kitten on porch rather fetching nerdboyfriendfucking just broke my laptop not what I needed but what more could you ask for? A funeral for sea level Clintshot by police on August 16th Miners in South […]

A Tongue-Twister for Tibetans

 Twitter poem No. 1* Where Futurama translator Queen Meet the Deadgave gay writers a Trojan Horse. WHOWILL JESSE VENTURAENDORSE? China’s African Union HQ? Al Jazeera English? Occupy Oakland? New Study gross as it isof RNC appears with Tiananmen tank man. Facebook sends jobsmock public, rolls wleaders affected by sadomasochistic tarts, anti-locust Hong Kongers,Higgs democracy, burningthe black flag, police violence. Newt Gingrich’s […]