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“Envision white  light” flashpan Moment breached foamed searcher time Fashion sears the skies  splits sutures clouds Scars dark reticular  dusk swallows Bats flapping Twombly ink-washed sops arc Black static sonar  sky-blue hedge Yes-space with consciousness  Replaced blood with nitrous  Fizz the bonds in nerves no jest  Needle-jet thrust returning number- less reasons to get a new golf swing in the Atlantic  […]

Working Titles

  List of Working Titles My Way Killings Zero Mark Essay Search Me United States v. Approximately 64,695 Pounds of Shark Fins Period Style Never Read Transcriptease Metic I Wish the Competition Would Come Up with Something New Faster Guess That Makes Two of Us Full Bleed Lachrymator Sentry Frog Money Emperor Shao If This Were […]

Search Me

  I don’t know spoken with right emphasis right tone? Notes no codes just us in conspiracy to welcome no state in which we may or may not know need nor care of deep desire but in little dashes assume days gone fiction/non- […] Full poem published on Across the Margin ____ Working Titles: Improvised poems following […]

Argument from Silence

      We have nothing in that fanciful or speculative relation The gap between our ears—the air that vibrates with these words Vocal cords to ear drums, the nerve bundles, signal-to-noise, our Ratio, the incentive to know one another’s minds Drop predictable experience here, abandon all hope Of anything but change O—O—the poetic O […]

If This Were a Test

    The system would be wailing re: emergency the ambient drone overhead & throughout the world Hellfires everywhere?   And we, we would be meditating on the infinitesimal Real re: Emergency delivering ourselves & others a System   Tree to hang!  


1.No punctuation just repetition to let you know something else is to know not just repetition but relation in time the repetition creates with its drag and bad line breaks bad jokes and it is the best   because everything is poetry even when it is not very good very good very good if you […]

The Diminishing Table

  Just because this phrase is broken your sense of it receding like David Hume in history doesn’t mean you can’t lick my ear OR: a treatise on the new empiricism the really, really new one, the one with the neuro- and the geno- and the nano- and the crypto- […] Full poem published at […]